24.8. – 31.8.2019

This very special holiday week is a magnificent way to spend and celebrate the last days of summer.

Papinniemi camping area, surrounding countryside and nature create an extraordinary setting for passionate music presented from heart, dancing, DJ, local slow food and for other authentic experiences.

FINtangoFI festival week is for everyone. For young, old, rich, poor and for those with very hairy legs.

PROGRAM - Location: Papinniemi-camping

24.8. Saturday (10€)

14h Opening FINtangoFI Holiday week. Timo Kalevi Forss tells about his just released tango book

14h - Lyz Jaakola - nature and ancestors, music and talk

15-24h DJing and sauna: the Sauna village with Radio Helsinki DJ Vilunki

Dance classes will be given by Leena and Mika:
15:30-16 class for beginners
17-18 class for advanced dancers
20:30-21 class for beginners

16h & 21h concert: Vallilan Tango

Local food, delicacies and drinks from the restaurant

25.8. Sunday (5€)

15h-22 Sauna village & DJ Vilunki
15h- Lyz Jaakola, theme: Sauna

25.8. - 31.8. Monday-saturday (5€)

17-22h Sauna village with DJ Vilunki. Sweat in different saunas, swim, chill, listen to Vilunki spin the records, dance.

19h a journey into music, nature and culture with Lyz Jaakola. Daily changing themes.

During the week workshops and excursions into nature.

30.-31.08. Elotulirock - Festival

Many different bands, saunas, art and dance. Organized by Uukuniemen Ilo association.
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Main focus on the opening day is finnish tango and traditional dance music. This is the music that grew out of our land.

Vallilan Tango will be giving 2 concerts at 16pm and 21pm.

During the week, the focus lies on Lyz Jaakola, representative of the Findian culture, a fascinating blend of old finnish and north american indigenous culture.

Lyz Jaakola will be spreading the magic each night at 19h in concerts, workshops and talks to varying topics of this fascinating culture.

FINtangoFI ends with the concerts of Elotulirock Festival.

Vallilan Tango

The repertoire of the 7-piece Vallila Tango Orchestra from Helsinki consists of classical instrumental tango pieces, waltz, foxtrot and humppa. Most of them date back to the heyday of this music in the 1930s and 40s, when Finnish dance music was played by large orchestras that had been composed and adapted with great variety and care. With the help of violin, clarinet, trumpet, accordion, contrabass and drums, Vallilan Tango brings these forgotten chords and melodies back to life on the shores of Papinniemi. Hans Wessel, a singer of melancholic bars, brings his own exotic spice into the music due to his Dutch origin.
Vallilan Tango enjoy growing popularity in Helsinki and abroad and has been starring at FINtango festivals in Germany. Now for the first time they come join us in the Papinniemi countryside to move those dancing feet and get the ears ringing.

Vallilan Tango - long hours of the night

Lyz Jaakola

Lyz Jaakola is the star of the documentary "Fintianit ". The visit of Lyz aka Nitaa-Nagamokwe at FINtangoFI is his her first visit to Finland after the debut of Katja Kettu Maria Seppälä and Maria Seppälä's documentary film in April. The documentary will also be presented in Papinniemi.

Lyz Jaakola is a musician and true lifeblood of the Ojibweinian tribe. On the beaches of Papinniemi she will be looking for the connection to nature. The opening day, her theme will be children and families. Other days will carry other themes. Music and dances or traditional headwear, plays or face paintings, a genuine indigenous culture will be transferred to Karelia.

The appreciation and expression of nature in the lifestyles of Finns and Indians, and of course in their music, is the main thread of Lyz's visit to the week. Evening highlights include the pow wow ritual, the finnish sauna culture, the connection of folk tunes or, for example, the song of birds. Love to sauna and the similarities in the use of sauna in our cultures can be experienced with Lyz at Papinniemi with heat of saunas, DJ Vilunkis hot hits and warmth of bathing tubs.

A unique opportunity to discover the Findian culture on the sands of Papinniemi!

DJ Vilunki

In the evening, Radio Helsinki DJ Vilunki will light up the sauna village. Prime pearls of Tango or Pop drift from the turntables into the wellness world. Music ranges from traditional to experimental, it can get electronic at times too. Listen or dance, chill after sauna or on the beach.

Dance classes

Finnish Tango, as experienced by german FINtango-visitors, is more laid-back and easier to learn than its argentinian counterpart. Everybody is welcome: young and old, fancy dress or sauna towel, sporty or not - finnish tango is "tango to go" for everyone, even in rubber wellies. This is the credo of our dance teachers, making everybody want to move.

FINtango dancers, Leena Erholtz and Mika Lustig from Kuopio, give easy instructions to the traditional dances: beside tango, it also features humppa, jenkka or polkka. First steps are taught in small groups, private lessons are possible as well.

The terrace in front of restaurant and stage are converted into a dancefloor.


You´ll get to know the sauna culture, which is unique in its relaxed, eclectic and nature-oriented way, as an everyday part of the evening program. Sauna and Dancing goes together in Finland.


cultural exchange

At the FINtango events in Germany, the mix of cultures was a nice experience full of surprises. At FINtangoFi it will certainly be no less!
Cooking and eating together, vegetarian cuisine at a high level next to the self-collected gifts from the Finnish nature. Holistic healing methods according to Kalevala tradition next to the German tradition of naturopathy. And of course the German music and youth festival culture, whose ever so "electronic" representatives do not regard the Finnish tango as a relic of bygone times. During the week we also experiment with a mix of electronic music and couple dance music.

Background and Inspiration

FINtangoFI: Located on a beautiful peninsula sacred since ancient times, complete with hills and sandy beach, the holiday week revolves around Tango, music, the connection to nature, sauna... and not least the inner balance.

On canoe tours, rural nature and culture can be experienced. To pick berries or fish, enjoy the silence of the forest or the thousand islands, is a way to find inner peace. The daily cultural program, dance and sauna events draw people together, locals and foreigners alike, to find out about the old customs. All in a very laid-back fashion. After this week, your batteries certainly will be replenished - you may even have become a tango pro, if you wish so: local dance teachers provide the knowledge.

The holiday week is in its third year now. This year, the presence of Lyz Jaakola, famed representative of the Findian culture, will draw even more focus on the connection of culture and nature.


In 2009 and 2010, local organizers set up the "Elotulirock" festivals in Papinniemi, bringing locals and city kids together to enjoy the concerts. These festivals established the campsite as a festival location and provided an example of the beauty and intensity arising when different people meet and get to know each other.

FINtangos in Germany

FINtango festivals started in Germany in 2013. These festivals showcase the uniquely finnish version of tango music and dance culture. Besides concerts and DJing, these festivals always also featured dance clases, a mobile sauna, cultural history in movies and art, and finnish culinary specialties. It is a holistic approach to experience the full width of the finnish country culture. FINtangoFI sets out to multiply this experience, reconnecting it with its original landscape.


Outside Finland, argentinian tango is extremely popular. But it has shown that the finnish version can hold its own. Fins are seriously surprised at how easily foreigners young and old can connect to the finnish tango!

Trailer FINtango

Relaxed Tango in Nature

The festivals in Germany have shown the uniqueattraction of finnish tango: it is more relaxed, and closer to nature. More easy-going, less complex. No wonder, since it evolved in rural Finland and continues the ancient musical tradition in "minor" scale, which is inherent to all cultures deeply rooted in nature. The way to engage with people, with the music, with your own inner balance: at FINtangoFI, all this is tainted with the deep and relaxed connection to nature, so important especially in our modern times.

Delve into the (karelian) nature and rural culture, whrer finnish tango started to blossom. Hear the wind and taste the berries, sweat in the sauna and swim in the lake. Get to know old rituals or old recipies. Bring the body in sync with the birches on the lakeshore, so you can drift over the dancefloor, carried by a soft breeze...

Leaflet Finland Tangoland

Finland in summer is full of Tanssilava, rural dance spots ans festivals. But the combination of FINtangoFI is unique - as seen in the leaflet "Finland Tangoland" (top3), produced in cooperation with VisitFinland.

Tangoland Finnland: download

Composers of the holiday week

All guests are welcome to truly participate, if they wish. The riches of nature, collected in a beautiful day out in the woods, may find their way to the cooking pots. Music and experiences may be shared in the evening sessions. Set up the fire, create an own hymn, the ways of creativity are plenty.
The local organization is coordinated by Niko Hälvä, owner of the site, community educator and winner of the enterprise of the year Parikkala award 2015, together with Matti Moller, a chef highly interested in traditional food culture and campsite manager. Artistic director is cantor and head of FINtango Timo Valtonen. Many exciting artists will be on show, and local associations support the festival by providing equipment, boats and other items.


Accomodation will be in summer cottages of Papinniemi Camping, and close-by rooms and cabins of Uukuniemi Lomakeskus. Private cottages may also be avaliable. Summer cottages, "Mökkis", are equipped with open fireplace and eco-toilet, most feature also private sauna and pier.

Spots for tents and camper vans also avaliable.

Mökki (sleeps 4) price: € 50/day



By train Helsinki to Parikkala 3h (€ 15-44), by bus somewhat longer (€ 8-20)

From Parikkala take a bus to Uukuniemi. Outside these bus scheludes transfer can be organized (Parikkala-Uukuniemi).

booking train Helsinki – Parikkala:

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booking Parikkala- Papinniemicamping:


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