Food delights body and soul. The FINtango festival program can include catering for a wide selection of  home-made Finnish specialties. Here are a few examples:

Rantakala – Fish soup is prepared on the beach over open fire.

Loimulohi  – flamed salmon: The salmon is roasted and smoked in whole sides next to an open fire. It is eaten with bread and a sauce of herbs and creme fraiche.

Karjalanpiirakka: Karelian pies are a bread-like snack. With hearty toppings like salmon or traditionally with egg-butter they are a real treat.

Korvapuusti: The name of this small delicacy literally translates to “slap in the face”. But these cinnamon rolls are loved by all young and old Finns – in the fancy cafés or street markets of Helsinki and at home fresh from the oven.

Voileipäkakku – rye bread cake: This cake is salty, not sweet. The ingredients are layered and typically include rye bread, salmon or smoked trout, cream cheese, dill, wild chives and boiled egg. Nowadays it is also often prepared to suit vegetarians and vegans.

Finland’s craft beer scene is bustling and bubbling. The Kyrö Distillery makes much more than supercool advertisement videos. Laplandia vodka is considered among the world’s best. And arctic berry juices are a health foodie’s delight.